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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions About Maintaining Asphalt Driveways
Asphalt driveways can be both functional and fashionable. Combined with the fact that they are also quite inexpensive to install, maintain, and repair, it should come as no surprise that they have been growing in popularity among Sacramento homeowners in recent years.

companies in sacramento who are planning to make the switch to asphalt often have questions about driveway maintenance. pavement maintenance can read on to find answers to some of the most common of these questions to get started learning how they can extend the longevity of their new driveways.

Is Sealcoating Really Necessary?

Although asphalt is known to be a durable material, it does break down due to excessive exposure to the sun and the rain. These and other natural forces break down the binders in the asphalt, which eventually leads to deterioration and driveway failure. Sealcoating slows this process down, helping to avoid premature failure and ensure that asphalt driveways keep looking good for years to come.

How Should Oil Spots Be Handled?

If vehicles that are less than perfectly maintained are parked on asphalt driveways they can end up leaking oil. These oil spots can eat away at the asphalt over time, so they should be cleaned off as soon as possible after they have occurred. This can be accomplished by applying a commercial de-greaser, ensuring that all of the product is rinsed off after it has done its job.

How Often Should Cracks Be Sealed?

Cracks can occur for a wide variety of reasons, from inadequate drainage to excessive use. Even the best-maintained asphalt driveways will eventually require Sacramento driveway repair to seal these cracks. This task should be performed at least once a year to minimize the amount of moisture that is entering into them and opening them up, as sealing cracks can prevent the need for more extensive repairs later down the line.

How Should Fuel Spills Be Dealt With?

Fuel spills are far less common than oil leaks and most of them are less likely to cause immediate damage. However, they should still be cleaned up as quickly as possible. asphalt suppliers 's also important for homeowners to note that while gasoline is not particularly damaging, diesel fuel will begin to break down asphalt almost immediately.

Some pavement contractors even use diesel to clean the moving parts of their equipment, as it is just about the bet asphalt solvent around. It can leave holes in a driveway within just a few minutes. It's best for homeowners to avoid diesel spills at all costs but should one occur, they should call a Sacramento asphalt contractor immediately for repairs.

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