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About flybubble


Flybubble is a freeflight equipment retailer based in the UK, specialising in personal attention and outstanding service. We hold stock across a wide range. This means we give you a great choice and can also offer custom fittings, demo flights, part exchanges and second hand gear.

We are passionate pilots, and between us love all aspects of flying, so we can advise on many different styles of flying and equipment. We are experts at matching pilots to equipment, and equipment to pilots!

Most of all, we care about your progression. Apart from keeping all the product information up to date so you can make informed decisions, we review gear, compile tips, create instructional articles and produce videos so you can benefit from our knowledge and improve your flying.

For more info, see our website.

Advance BIBETA 6


Advance BIBETA 6 41 (120-225kg) – as new condition & porosity

As new condition and porosity. Flybubble logo on under surface (5m). Make: Advance Model: BIBETA 6 Certification: EN B, LTF B Size: 41 Freeflight all-up weight […]

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Advance Epsilon 8 - 001


Advance EPSILON 8 23 (55-85kg) – good condition & porosity

Good condition and porosity. A fair number of repair patches. Make: Advance Model: EPSILON 8 Certification: EN B, LTF B Size: 23 Freeflight all-up weight […]

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Niviuk Ikuma 02a


Niviuk Ikuma 27 (95-115kg) – good-very good condition, very good porosity

Condition good-very good. Porosity very good. Two previous tape repairs on underside. Light delamination near seams, light wear near battens, a bit dusty. Make: Niviuk […]

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Ozone Mojo 5 XL (110-130kg) – good-very good condition, very good porosity

Good-very good condition. Very good porosity. Top surface a little dirty. Airtime less than 4 hours plus around 5-6 hours of ground handling. Make: Ozone […]

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Phi SYMPHONIA 24 (90-110kg) – good condition, very good porosity

Good condition. Very good porosity. Packed into concertina bag. Make: Phi Model: SYMPHONIA Certification: EN A, LTF A (“Super High A”) Size: 24 Freeflight all-up […]

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