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Those had been the best years of his life, full of thrilling happenings, merchant enterprise, diplomatic missions, love affairs. His father and his uncle also skilled the best honours and obtained prizes for their cleverness in buying and selling and for their fidelity to the best ruler of the then world, the highly effective Mongol political magician, Emperor Kublai Khan. But their lyfe-cycle and the adult years of Marko Polo had to finish in their native soil of Europe and in their homeland Venice, the powerful trading republic to which that they had come from the traditional area of Dalmatia and the small Mediterranean city of Korcula. Marko steadily became one of the most devoted dignitaries to Kublai Khan. Realizing how a lot the Khan was fascinated in the customs of the peoples of his empire, Marko carefully famous all his observations and experiences so that the official reports were transformed into interesting stories.
As skilful businessman, Marko seen the benefit of using paper cash in some locations. He issued particular banknotes made from strong thick paper which was produced by pounding the bark of mulberry bushes.
Then, just like the wizards from Thousand and One Night, they took off the poor rags and reduce the seams with a knife. To the amazement of the incredulous Venetians, rubies, sapphires and emeralds began to fall. After that they have been handled by their co-citizens with the best respect. Finally, after greater than two years of toilsome however exciting travelling across the south seas, the convoy arrived in Persia. Marko doesn't point out at all Scylla and Charybdis by way of which his expedition passed, all possible storms and distresses, the attacks of various native tribes and illnesses, insufferable warmth, rotten meals and water.
Unlike the legendary Sheherezade, who delayed her death together with her story telling to the merciless shah, Marko Polo was reaching, by his report-tales, greater and higher respect within the eyes of his master and so he turned a kind of court writer. But the Great Khan knew how to use different skills of the young Marko. He identified, in his descriptions, to the skills of assorted provincial rulers, and their shortcomings, and offered the Khan with a knowledge of commerce, geography and governing. The Great Khan used this as the idea for his coverage for the controlling of the distant regions inside the huge space of his empire. Wherever Marko Polo arrived he discovered affluent communities, every of them attempting to utilize its economic benefits.
However, the sorcerers would take away their spell during the evening lest rival divers ought to seem. It seems that the sorcerers did find some means of deterrence of sharks, as this apply was exercised for centuries.
He summarizes all this in a single single sentence when he says that from six hundred travellers, not counting the crew, only eighteen survived the journey. Marko found divers looking for pearls within the shallow waters near Ceylon. As there were lots of sharks in these waters, the tradesmen of the pearl shells would protect the divers by hiring a special caste of Brahmin sorcerers who would cast a spell on the sharks whereas the divers have been choosing up the shells.

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