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About Mark Taggart

  • Member Since: April 18, 2014


Retired HG pilot - loving the Class5s epseicailly Tusnami, AtosVR - Hill, tow and aerotow rated.

Also fly Tandem PG and Alpina3 -

These days seriously into kitesurf hydro-foiling.



Small – Woody Valey Airbag PG Harness – Purple

Surplus to needs – Taking up valuable space & want to save landfill 🙂 Small, Woody Valley, Paragliding AirBag Harness – Purple Photos show me […]

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Sup-Air Tandem Passenger, Airbag Harness

Blue, Sup Air Tandem Passenger Harness. The airbag is amazing, provides the passenger withoutstanding prootection. It also makes slides in’s a breeze when needed.  It […]

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Ozone Zeolite MS White – F-Race Med Harness & Angel SQ Pro 100 Re...

A reluctant complete kit sale… Kite Hydrofoiling & Wing SUP have taken over all of my spare time. Complete hike and fly pack weighs in […]

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