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Ye Fu'an slapped Ye Jiayou on the head: "Fart!"! Can you imagine that others can't guess? Many of them sent beautiful catamites to him. As a result, he was annoyed and the road of officialdom was cut off. Everyone knew that he was not good at this. Speaking of it, the king of Qin is really a miracle. Ordinary people like his position, the son can play soy sauce, the concubines in the yard can also get together to play cards, but he is not close to women or men, cold face all day to frighten people. Ye Jiayou covered his head and said, "Then he was born cool and thin.". He is so good-looking and fierce. Maybe his eyes are higher than the top. He only likes himself and doesn't like others. Ye Fu'an touched his beard and his eyes were shining: "Master said that he and your sister were a natural couple. Jiayou, you said that he didn't like anyone. Is he waiting for your sister to appear?" Ye Jiayou: ".." Ye Jiayou finally had a sister, but he was robbed by a man from other places, and he also ate a lot of vinegar. Ye Lizhu went to find Jiang Ranyi. As a result, Jiang Ranyi was not there, and Junshi happened to be at home. Junshi said Jiang Ranyi went to the temple to burn incense and worship Buddha. Ye Lizhu sat with Junshi for a while. Ye Lizhu looks like her mother Jiang Shi, love me, love my dog, Jun Shi also likes this niece,Pallet rack supplier, especially Ye Lizhu clever and sensible, not like to make trouble. Junshi beckoned Ye Lizhu to sit down. "It's cold outside. Come and sit here. The maids have prepared ginseng tea. Drink a little to warm your body." Ye Lizhu sat cleverly beside Junshi. The more Junshi looked at Ye Lizhu, the more satisfied he felt. But he remembered that Ye Fu'an had asked his family to help him find a reliable fortune-teller in recent days. Some time ago, Jiang Ranyi said that Ye Lizhu and the King of Qin looked very familiar. Junshi said, "Good boy, you are not young now. You should think about marriage. Do you have an idea in mind?" Ye Lizhu sipped the ginseng tea and did not know what to say. When she put down the teacup, Junshi took her little hand and said,Industrial pallet rack, "Aunt is your elder. If you have anything you want to say, it's not easy for others to say it. Just tell me that the Jiang family and you are also a family." Ye Lizhu said, "I can't be the only one who likes everything. It depends on what my father thinks. Besides, I'm not lucky to be in such poor health. I'll be grateful if I can live well in the past few years. I dare not think about things that will last longer. I'm afraid I won't live to that time. Carpe diem and cherish every day I can live." Junshi rubbed Ye Lizhu's hand. "Silly boy." Ye Lizhu asked, "Has the marriage between my cousin and Dun Guogongfu been completely settled?" Junshi and Ye Lizhu said something. After Tian Zhuo saw Jiang Ranyi that day, he found that Jiang Ranyi was unusually beautiful and beautiful. He regretted it in his heart and tried to let Dun Guogong's wife come to Jiang Fu again to save the marriage. Very not easy to break the marriage, Jun Shi how can be restored, the Tian family is not a good person. "You and I heard that day that Tian Zhuo asked his friend to use drugs to harm people," said Junshi. "Do you remember?" Ye Lizhu is so forgetful that she will forget today's things tomorrow. She is not a person who hangs on things all the time. After a reminder from Junshi, she remembered: "Remember, I'm going to forget this thing. Aunt, long span shelving ,pipe cantilever rack, did you take advantage of this thing?" Junshi said, "It's not easy to investigate this matter. It's easy to frighten the snake. Later, I was worried about innocent people's lives after all. I also felt that Tian Zhuo had to take his dog's life to do more evil things. I spent a lot of time checking Tian Zhuo's friends around me. Only then did I know that one of his close friends married the daughter of the assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites. Gao Panlai's marriage had many benefits. It was not good for me to take a concubine again." Instead, he held a grudge against his father-in-law's family, so he and Tian Zhuo, the dog thief, discussed killing his wife and remarrying her without being noticed. After Junshi let the assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites know about this, he took his daughter back, and the family smashed the man's house and injured many people. Tian Zhuo, as a planner, was naturally confessed by the man, and the assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites wanted to report the matter, so that Dun Guogongfu and the man's family were finished. Junshi slowed down and then said, "If you do too much injustice, you will kill yourself. He deserves it. The Ministry of Rites may not do anything now. After the New Year, Tian Zhuo's fate will come to an end.".
” Ye Lizhu thought about it for a while, and she also tasted it. She said, "Aunt, did you arrange for Tian Zhuo's brothel girl in the capital?" Junshi nodded with a smile: "He is not a good man, I naturally will not use any clean means to him.". Zhuzhu, if you marry someone in the future and enter someone else's home, there must be calculation. You just need to remember what your aunt said. If you feel that someone is hurting you, you have to think of a more insidious way to hurt you back and let people know how powerful you are. If you can't think of a way, write to your aunt, and the Jiang family will certainly help you. Being bullied blindly will only increase the arrogance of others. Ye Lizhu lowered her eyes, and she knew that Junshi was kind. "Good boy," said Junshi, "you are too well-behaved. It makes people worry about you." "I'll take care of myself," said Ye Lizhu. "If I need my aunt's help, I'll certainly ask for help." Only then did Junshi smile with satisfaction: "That's all right.". I don't have anything important in my heart, only the marriage between Sister Ran and you. After all, the capital is too far away from Wanzhou. I discussed with your uncle about finding a good marriage for Sister Ran in Wanzhou. We know each other well and don't worry about my girl being wronged. Ye Lizhu "um", Ran Jie son is not an organic heart of the girl, is suitable to be protected by the family. After sitting at Jiang's house for a while, Junshi sent a carriage to take Ye Lizhu back. After Ye Lizhu returned to Jingshuixuan, it was getting late. As soon as she returned to the house, a servant girl said that Ye Jiayou had come. Ye Jiayou listened to Ye Fuan's words and knew that if he mentioned marriage again, his sister would be someone else's. He felt bad and ran over alone. Ye Lizhu changed her clothes. She was tired today,heavy duty warehouse rack, but she didn't look tired. Her face was flushed and she looked very good. As soon as she saw Ye Jiayou coming, Ye Lizhu said, "Have you had dinner yet?" Ye Jiayou shook his head: "Not yet." He sat beside Ye Lizhu: "Zhuzhu..." 。 omracking.com

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