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How to use this site

Uncategorized January 15, 2013

SkyAds Aero



SkyAds is a classified advertising site for the international paragliding, paramotoring and hang gliding world. It’s used by more than 5,000 people a month who are looking to buy and sell secondhand paragliding, paramotoring and hang gliding equipment.

Pilots can list their secondhand gear, while schools, shops and businesses can list their products too: from accommodation to lessons, courses and holidays.

This site has historically always been free to use, but a rise in spammers and scammers using the site throughout 2016 means on 1 September 2016 we implemented a small charge of £0.50 for each advert placed. All the money raised through this site goes to the Cloudbase Foundation, a charity that works with communities where we fly.

You can pay using PayPal or through your credit card when prompted, towards the end of the ad-placing process. Neither Cross Country or SkyAds have access to your payment data – it’s all handled through PayPal.


How to list your advert

Create an account. This involves creating a username, password and the normal online information

– Be descriptive: make, model, colour, size

– Make sure you list in the right category/categories

– Include the price

– Expand: there’s plenty of space

– Add up to three photos. (Please make sure your jpgs are labelled .jpg, not .jpeg with an ‘e’, eg paraglider.jpg.)

– Stay on topic. We reserve the right to edit or take down adverts that are offensive, inappropriate or spam

– Once live your advert will stay up for 90 days

– Manage your adverts through your dashboard: edit, change, delete from there.  (Click on the pencil icon to change price, details, photos etc. Click on the red X to delete your ad.)


How to contact advertisers

When buying, click on the Contact tab to the right of the advert and send an email to the vendor that way. Or leave a message below the advert. Advertisers are notified of your comment by email. Some advertisers will publish their contact details in the body of the advert, in which case get in touch with them directly.


About us

SkyAds is brought to you by the same people as Cross Country Magazine as a free service to all pilots everywhere.


Contact us

Our email address is info@skyads.aero. Please put ‘SkyAds’ in the subject line. Thank you.


Security and Spam

If in doubt about the legitimacy of an advertiser on this site, ask them questions and ask around. Free flight is a small world and someone has probably heard of them. Take the obvious precautions when transferring money and arranging delivery.

Unfortunately, while we do our best to make sure all users of this site are legitimate, we can not be held responsible for fraud, loss or damage resulting from any transaction carried out via this site. If you have serious doubts about an advert or a vendor, please let us know.

There are several common scams out there related to all Classifieds sites. This website explains them all very well.

Please also keep an eye out for any spam adverts – sometimes they will slip through. Let us know and we’ll take them down. Thank you.

Eurocheques: Several users have reported potential scam activity from a buyer using Eurocheques. This is an outdated traveller-cheque style payment system that is not secure.

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