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Rook 2 777 ML 96kg-115kg 90hrs FULL SERVICE, LIKE NEW

Rook 2 777 ML 96kg-115kg 90hrs £150 for Full service, No faults or repairs needed. Like new. I have the service report of you would like me to send it ...

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UP Summit XC2 85-110 kg

UP Summit XC2 85-110 kg UP Summit XC2 in very good condition, "noisy" material! About 150 hours, no dune, no acro, no tree landings! Very relaxing EN C gl...

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Ozone Oxygen 1

Ozone Oxygen 1 harness in very good condition. Approx 100 flights. 175 euro plus shipping costs.

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Wills Wing T2C 154 (2015)

Beautiful WW T2C 154 for sale. See through sail with bright orange under surface. I'm selling because I lost some weight and want to change to a WW T2C 144. The...

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Charly Round Reserve

I have for sale a Charly reserve Serial number 2016853 Date of manufacture June 2007 120KG rated Repacked 5 March 2016 and 14 January 2017 under BHPA sup...

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Parajet Zenith v5s


Parajet Zenith v5s

Parajet Zenith v5s like new. Never flown with approx 15 minutes engine run time whilst stored. Black and blue frame. No scratches or damage. Apologies for t...

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Wanted, lightweight pod paragliding harness.

Wanted, Lightweight Paragliding Harness, Pod ideally but anything considered...

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Flymaster GPS SD

As new GPS-vario including 16GB SD card with Airspace and AGL data files. The GPS has only been used on 6 flights and is in perfect condition. This full feature...

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alatus small


Aerola Alatus-M SSDR ultralight motorglider

Alatus-M SSDR ultralight motorglider Built 2008 Excellent condition Airframe 46hrs CorsAir M25Y engine, 13hrs 27:1 glide at 70km/hr min sink 120fpm vne 1...

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Mr Clive

£60 Reward for stolen Nova Rooki and Woody Valley Wani harness I had a wani harness by Woody valley and an old Nova Rooky paraglider with a maximum weight of...

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AirCross U Fly 2 size M 75-95

Hi,for sale is my aircross u fly 2, Size M 75-95 Wing is in absolute great condition,no repairs whatsoever,no patches,never flown in dirty conditions,allways ...

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Ozone Swift 4 L

For sale my Ozone Swift 4 L. 95-115 kg One of the top performers in the class. Manufacturing date: 06.2015 Less than 30 hrs.Very clean and crispy. Feels lik...

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Wanted – Buzz z5 S or MS

Hi, I am looking to purchase a buzz z5 wing only or package. Please tell what you have and how much you're asking for it

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DUDEK 29M Synthesis 2 (2016) Orange

This wing is in the striking orange colour and is in "as new condition" bought in 2016 with less than 5 hours use. I am also selling an Adventure M4 with the el...

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Gin Yeti Lightweight Rescue 27

I have a Gin Yeti Rescue for sale in very good condition. Manufactured in 2013 and been repacked every 4-6 months. Never been thrown in flight, only on a zip ...

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Aeriane Swift Light PAS Kit for sale

Aeriane Swift PAS kit for sale. Reliable Solo 210 2 stroke engine. Only 20 hours' running time. Climb rate 1.5m/s. Everything you need to convert your Swift ...

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Avian Java 155 mylar

Avian Java 155 mylar, Good condition, nice to fly and lands very well. £450 ono Derby Area.  

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GBP £995.00

Adventure F3 Solo 210 paramotor and harness

This has an electric and pull start and comes with a brand new battery and charger to power the electric start It has just had new engine mounts and fuel line...

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GBP £7,500.00

DG 100 Sailplane 40-1

High performance glider with new ARC .Aug.1800 hours. All tow out gear. XK 10 electric vario, T & S and all the usual ASI compass etc. Fiber glass trailer. Read...

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GBP £850.00

Fly castelluccio paramotor

Good condition, starts first time every time, solo 210 fitting with a brand new tuned pipe (which cost £200 )giving much more power. Selling as purchased a ne...

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GBP £200.00

Reserve Chute

Reserve chute, MD20 rated for 160kg in GIN front mount outer with Velcro instrument top. Repacked by aerofix BHPA No 4335 on 30/01/12, serial no 830788, canopy ...

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Garmin GPS MAP 96 Aviation

Aviation GPS MAP full airmaps good condition Excellent navigation GPS Reduced price for quick sale

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GBP £950.00

Triflyer, hang glider soaring trike

Recently serviced, fully working lightweight soaring trike, robin 244cc engine, ready to attatch to most hang gliders, pictures or videos ready on request- look...

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GBP £0

Hang Gliding parts

Hi we have extensive hang gliding spare parts, from complete gliders to uprights etc etc....if you fancy anything please send us an email

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Paramotor & Trike – Fresh Breeze Bullix Polini 200 Evo

Complete kit of trike, paramotor, trailer and other accessories.  Fresh Breeze Bullix with new Polini Thor 200 Evo motor.Too much to list here, but details...

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Swift Light PAS + Trailer


Swift Light PAS + Trailer

For sale : Swift Light PAS n°118 year 2010. In perfect condition. Rescue parachute. Airbrakes. flight : 110 hours engine : 40 hours Powered by : BAILEY V3...

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H&E R120 Paramotor + Free Reserve

H&E R120 Paramotor, stainless steel 2 part cage, large 14L tank for 4.5 hours flight time. Genuine Aerobat 115cm prop with covers plus spare 125cm prop. Fli...

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GBP £600.00

Swing Mistral 4.26 DHV 1-2 Euro 800 GBP650

Owned since late 2006 - but stopped flying it in summer of 2009. Not more than 50 hrs of XC flying. Crispy condition. Includeds Swing Backpack Glider bag Rise...

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Paragliding in Morocco

We own and operate one of the best paragliding sites in Morocco, situated on a 20 km ridge 2 km from the sea, with stunning views. The newly built accommodation...

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Mosquito NRG


Mosquito NRG

I'd like to sell my Mosquito it as I don't use it often enough to justify keeping it. It was made in early 2000 (~2003-2004). Electric start only. Folding carbo...

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paramania revo 3-2 wing wanted

paramania revo 3-2 wing wanted

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sold NIVIUK SKATE 2 14m 2014


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FOR SALE: PARAMOTOR ZENITH TOP80 2014 Extras: Spare wood prop & Tachometer Flying time: 7 Hours. As new Paramotor weight: 22,5 kg Engine Type: ...

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Kortel Kamasutra 2 (Medium)

I have gone lightweight so I am selling my Kamasutra 2, the most comfortable harness I have ever flown. It has an upgraded lightweight carbon seat plate. The po...

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Ground handling wing – Gradient Avax XC

Gradient Avax DHV3 equivalent wing for sale. This is for ground handling only and is not a flyable wing. It is an old wing but taught me to ground handle and ...

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Wanted Bailey cage quarter

Does anyone have a lower left cage quarter (as you look from behind) for a bailey v5? Paul B is on holiday so I can't get any lead times on delivery for a new o...

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U-Turn Lightning S 60-90kg / 25hrs


U-Turn Lightning S 60-90kg / 25hrs

U-turn Lightning S 60-90kg, 25hrs. In very good condition, feels like new. It does have one small repair approx. 150mm down a seam on the underside near the mid...

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Moyes Litespeed 4.5s

Moyes Litespeed 4.5s Mylar sail, Zoom frame with Carbon speed bar Carbon leading edge rear sections and Carbon dive sticks Excellent condition A ver...

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NOVA Tandem BION 33 (90-200kg) only private flown

From 1/2013 // only private flown - never for tandem-business // around 15-20 flights/year - not more than 100 flights overall // good condition // spec...

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System x medium paragliding harness

System X paragliding harness medium Kevlar sheet plus bump air back protection rear reserve container auto buckles plus Austrialpin power fly carabiners very cl...

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use 1 copy


Supair Walibi Lite paragliding tandem pilot harness in great condition

In great condition. No damage rips or bad landings Only signs of wear is that the side PILOT logo has worn off a little in the bag. Does not include,...

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Paramotor kit for sale


Paramotor kit for sale

Parajet V2 Minari: £ 5,000 Ozone Speedster 28m (blue/grey): £ 1,600 Gin 42 Reserve: £ 400 Prices are excl. VAT and shipping costs. In excellent cond...

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apco lift s

selling my apco lift s. made in 11/2014.first flight mids january 2015. its an exellent beginners/medium advanced glider. take off is easy which is very helpful...

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Metamorfosi Conar 20

Bought in 2005, never used, repacked every year, still a few years left in it. Open to offers...

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HG- carbon tail fin with sleeve

An excellent condition, hardly used carbon tail fin with padded sleeve. To fit Avian Cheetah hang glider round keel. Clips into place perfectly. This elegant...

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