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WANTED: Carrera+, size L, 95-120kg

Looking for Carrera+, size L,   95-120kg

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Advance Iota 26 for sale

Advance Iota 26 for sale. 75-100kg EN B, main colour lime. As new condition. Never wet or SIV’d. Superb second glider for the active pilot. […]

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Brand new Gin Bolero 5 for sale

Brand new, never flown Gin Bolero 5 for sale. Size small 75-95kg EN A glider so perfect first buy. Main colour is red. Comes with […]

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Advance Progress 2 medium as new used 3 flights

Bought this for a open harness lightweight but just do not seem to use it so as it is brand new seems crazy to site […]

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Icaro Spares

4 spare uprights and a base bar for Icaro gliders. There’s a couple of tip wands too that are very old which are in the […]

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atos foto



A.I.R. Atos, year 2000, v-tail, 2 uprights, waterproff bag, good condition, visible at Mount Cucco +393357820335 iuza65@yahoo.it

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XS Bolero 4


XS Gin Bolero 4 glider, reserve, Woody Valley harness, speed bar, stuff sac...

EN A Extra Small (XS) Bolero 4 glider, stuff sack, speed bar, Gin Yeti reserve parachute (never deployed), L Woody Valley harness with integrated back protector Glider […]

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L Bolero 4


Large Gin Bolero 4 glider, reserve, harness, speed bar, stuff sack, helmet

EN A Large (L) Gin Bolero 4 glider, stuff sack, speed bar, Gin Yeti reserve parachute (never deployed), Large (L) Gin Basis harness with integrated back […]

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Advance Impress 2+ pod harness

Exceptionally comfortable Advance Impress 2+ harness (2009) in large with large pod.  I good used condition with no rips or tears or worn webbing.  Presently […]

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St Jean Monclar


Advance Sigma 8 29 (100-130)

Very well maintained Sigma 8 with approx 150 hours.  No repairs, no sand, no water landings, no tree landings, no SIV.  Priced to sell, a […]

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Ozone M6 MS 80-95

2014 wing, only used in Scotland, no winter use, no siv or ground handeling. Concertina packed. Less than 100hrs.

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Carlton2  30 4 16 crop


Advance Iota 26

Bought new March 2016. Colour Pacific. Done 150 hrs. Sail good condition. 07768520895. Regularly fly in Sheffield and I am travelling to Bristol shortly if […]

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King S

Triple Seven King, S size, 75/95 kg, green color, new with 8 hours flight, with B&C system and backpack

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BGD Cure

I sell my Cure. ML colour fusion. The wing has less than 90 hrs from when I had new in Jan. Living inSpain, But can […]

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gin yeti 31 light weight mountain glider and alpine harness

yeti paraglider dhv 1 around 10 hours max,never used abroad,excellent condition.weight range 85kg-110kg.colour aster ,white and orange.weighs 4.6 kg,always concertina packed.comes with airwave concertina bag,snow […]

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